iNetDVR Commander

iNetDVR Commander 5.6

Affordable Quality Digital Video Recording with onboard Point-of-Sale Interface
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Affordable Quality Digital Video Recording with onboard Point-of-Sale Interface.
- Digital recording of One to Thirty-Two CCTV Cameras per DVR
- Micro-DVR Option for small sites, Retailers, Franchise Locations, Offices etc.
- Directly Interface POS / Cash Register transaction data
- See POS transactions on screen with Staff and Customer
- Search transactions by text like Product, Receipt #, Price, No Sale, Refund etc.
- Quick review by Camera / Date / Time
- Review peak periods for better staff rostering
- Check how well your Displays and Positioning are working for you
- Get Health and Safety feedback, are your guidelines being followed?
- Remote log in to see how your business or other sites are going in your absence
- Simultaneous remote monitoring of up to 128 Cameras from up to 1024 DVRs
- Bigger iNet DVRs can communicate with up to 16 POS interfaces
- Image Masking for privacy
- E-mail notification of alarms with image attachment
- E-map bigger sites to give visual on mapping of camera locations
- PDA interface for remote viewing
- Network Video Encoders allow connection of cameras over Networks (except to the Micro-DVR)
- Full User Control
- Free DDNS naming so you don’t need to buy a static IP address service
- Easy Image and AVI Movie creation from recorded events

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